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Mission Statement

To provide low-cost, high-quality and
high-touch, application development/augmentation,
systems implementation and process support services in the areas of Human Services Management and Accounting to off-shore clients.

About Our Company

Bay-Pac Systems (Pvt) Ltd is based on Chennai, India.  It was started a by a small group of Human Resources professionals and Technocrats to provide a ready back-office facility to smaller organizations in the US so that they can take advantage of a ready made infrastructure, and have an office running literally overnite.

It came about because of a need in the market place where larger organizations with deep pockets and resources have taken advantage of low-cost, highly qualified labor pool in India by setting up footprints where most grunt work such as data-scrubbing, data conversions, call-centers and support are being run from.  Smaller organizations have struggled to compete because of lack of resources needed to set up shop in a new country, and to manage peoples belonging to different cultures and value systems.

The founder, Reddy Chada is originally from India,
but has spent 15 years in the US, both going to professional school and working in the west coast in large organizations implementing HRMS systems and providing global data integration solutions.  With this unique perspective, he is able to tie the needs of the US clients with the delivery options available using local resources in India.

To this end, a highly successful operation delivering ready-made back-office services are available for small and medium organizations needing full-service or specific areas in Human Resources domain.

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